Company of the Year award recognises pioneering products

Company of the Year award recognises pioneering products

SMI’s pioneering range of thermal protection products have been recognised with a 2018 Company of the Year award from one of the industry’s trade publications.

Industrial Process News has named the company its thermal solutions company of the year in recognition of its success over the past 12 months.

In its November-December 2018 issue, the magazine says: “A huge congratulations to Seymour Manufacturing International for winning our coveted Thermal Solutions Company of the Year 2018 Award.

“Seymour Manufacturing International have received this award in light of their first rate thermal manufacturing services for companies and clients across the board of industries, as well as the outstanding year they have had.

“Dedicated to constant innovation, SMI have unveiled a number of new products over recent years, including their highly impressive Bus-Stop product.

“One of the most highly discussed breakthroughs from SMI includes the innovative Green Door, an excellent replacement for the unwieldy and difficult to manoeuvre ‘Night Door.’ Used by the likes of supermarket chain ASDA, the Green Door was ten years in the making and was devised to tackle the often heavy, difficult to lift and even injurious night doors that are commonly found in freezers and chillers.

“In comparison, the Green Door, which is in fact blue, is much lighter, more ergonomic, easier to clean and of course energy saving too. Furthermore, the Green Doors are manufactured to be durable and long-lasting, with little maintenance required.

“The high-tech Tech Cube has also seen great reception by the industry and clients alike.”

SMI founder and managing director Brian Seymour said: “We pride ourselves on quality, customer service and innovation, and it is always gratifying when our achievements are recognised by others in the industry.”

Picture: Lewis Davies and Jill Seymour receive the award on behalf of SMI

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