SMI managing director resigns from the Institute of Directors

SMI managing director Brian Seymour has resigned from the Institute of Directors in protest at the organisation’s stance on the European Union. Here, in an open letter, he explains the reasons for his decision.

To: Mr Simon Walker. Director General, Institute of Directors, London

Dear Sir,

Your organisation’s comments in support of UK business remaining members of the European Union has done much to confirm my decision to resign from the Institute of Directors.

As my small company is of good standing and ethical, I find it difficult to trade easily with companies or organisations that have failed in their legal duty to have their accounts fully audited for many years, run their company as a dictatorship and ignored their shareholders wishes.

All of these practices can be found actively alive in the European Union. It is the commissioners who organise and run the EU and the powerless MEPs are there simply as a token of democracy.

I further understand that several billion pounds of European finance has been lost or mislaid, and it is suggested that the amount should be written off.

I have pondered why, in the face of such malpractices, the recognised and respected IOD would wish to be associated in any way with the EU, attracting so much stigma by association.

I have often found it useful to look at the end game in such situations, particularly with unpalatable associations.

Could the endless and hopelessly uncontrollable stream of work migrants, both legal and illegal, significantly help to depress wage levels pushing down overheads and increasing profits for large companies?

Could it be a desire by big corporations to have their positions at the top table along with the other big boys all trying to land big contracts and lucrative deals as long as they abide by the unwritten laws and remain loyal to the cause?

Could the ‘European Slush Fund’ known to others as the Regional Development Fund help one to move the whole of one’s factory to a Continental site with massive incentives and subsidies? I know that is what I have been offered in both France and Belgium. Strangely I have never been offered a depressed site in the UK with such advantageous terms.

And what about these potentially lost jobs, were we to leave? They were here before we joined the EU and would remain after we left, even though the EU is generally in decline. In fact our trade with the EU has diminished by £0.9 billion to £17.9 billion but our trade with the rest of the world has increased, regardless to EU interference, by £0.7 billion to £12.8 billion in the months February and March 2015.

Lord Bamford, the Chairman of JCB, one of the UK’s most successful businesses, has stated that he believes that the UK will not merely survive, but will prosper outside of the EU.

The EU from its very foundation is openly based on lies and deception with the hope that its peoples will eventually forget their identity and be overtaken by a false hope and promise and – in the case of the UK – massively watering down the nature, history and spirit of its indigenous population.

There are thousands of daily examples of misinformation, but one particular young student on television was extolling the virtues of Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, and was greeted with a round of applause. Nobody in that age group realised we used to enjoy the all-embracing, worldwide collaboration of Interpol that made Europol look insignificant.

Peel away the cheap words and a generation of brainwashing telling us we need the EU, and what do we have? A situation that proves we do not need the EU.

They need us a lot more to the point of agreeing in the next couple of months much of what would help us remain a friendly trading partner without giving up our sovereignty and owned by the EU.

The question is, will David Cameron successfully demand these terms on our behalf, or be a quisling? I think we know the answer.

1.There was life before the EU when we traded happily with the world including the Continent. We can do so again.

2.The Common Market most of us voted for has been cunningly changed, little–by-little, treaty-by-treaty until it has become the emerging dictatorship about to flower if we agree to stay in the EU. Just imagine that. A dictatorship imposed upon us from the embryo of a trade agreement. There is no need for it.

3.The jobs we enjoyed before the EU will be here after we leave the EU; in fact they will be better protected. We buy more from the EU than we sell to them.

4.The EU is a small inwardly looking fragile market for which we pay the privilege of £55 million per day, with an equally fragile and volatile currency. We have always traded successfully with the world; not a small corner of it.

With respect, may I humbly suggest you stop for a minute on the main staircase of 116 Pall Mall and take a long hard look at the painting of the Battle of Trafalgar by Clarkson Frederick Stanfield. It may depict a magnificent event in our past, but its spirit and people do still shape our present and future.

No doubt many of your relations gave their lives in the last war in the interests of freedom and the defeat of a dictatorship. Would you really give all of that away, because it really is people’s freedom, liberty and choice of trade that is seriously at stake in this referendum.

No doubt you will wish to disagree with me — that’s democracy. But you will never diminish the facts – that’s called the truth.

Yours faithfully,

Brian Seymour

Managing Director, Seymour Manufacturing International Limited,

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