SMI meets the media

SMI meets the media

Editors and executives from leading trade publications visited Seymour Manufacturing International’s headquarters for a series of ‘meet the media’ days.

They were given a sneak preview of some of SMI’s latest product innovations, and had the chance to see its amazing Tempro thermal insulation material in action.
Guests included Steve Fisher, editor of Food & Drink International, Lynn Sencicle, editor of ACR News, Will Hawkins, managing editor of ACR Today, and Christine Attew, representing the editor of SHD Logistics magazine, Peter MacLeod.
Managing director Brian Seymour explained the origins of the business, and visitors got a chance to meet key members of the SMI team.
They also stepped into the ‘cold room’ in the product showroom to see for themselves how the amazingly adaptable and lightweight Tempro is making a major money-saving mark on the industry.
New Tempro Back-Stop™ curtains – the first insulated flexible barrier to be designed to reduce energy loss from the back of a chilled or frozen vehicle – were demonstrated.
The curtains are available either as an option for new goods vehicles, or they can be retrofitted.
And Mr Seymour explained how they could bring substantial energy and fuel savings by retaining chill.
The insulated door curtain system is based on SMI’s original development for supermarket cold rooms and freezers, which have been proved to save 25 per cent in chillers and an amazing 33.3 per cent in freezers.
“There are some very positive signs coming back from the industry about Back-Stop. We like to base ourselves on facts, and repeated facts, so we plan to place further trial models with different industry sectors to refine our successful feed-back.
“We are dedicated to research and development to substantiate our figures.”
“We have modified just the smaller points of Back-Stop over the past few months, looking at it from the driver’s point of view.
“We are confident of market success with our first customer, who ordered 32 units, now promising to place a further order of 30 units.”
The trade magazine visitors also got a hands-on chance to see SMI’s Cold-Stop curtains, plus pallet and roll cage covers, all made from the same market-leading Tempro.
ACR News editor Lynn Sencicle described Mr Seymour as a ‘fascinating man with clever energy-saving products’.
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