SMI’s Cold-Stop curtains have been showcased in a TV documentary, going behind the scenes at fast food chain KFC.

The curtains were seen on the ‘Inside KFC at Christmas’ show, on Channel Four, which followed the fortunes of teams at several of the company’s outlets.

With over 960 restaurants across the UK – and counting – and more than 28,000 staff, KFC is one of the largest fast food businesses in the country.

The show followed the company during the most challenging time in its history, as the global pandemic left many of its franchisees battling to stay afloat.

SMI’s Cold Stop curtains, which are in use at many of the company’s outlets, were seen at the KFC branch in Buckshaw, Lancashire.

Cold Stop curtains, originated and designed by SMI, provide a revolutionary alternative to plastic strip curtains used in many coldrooms.

The curtains are a cost-efficient thermal barrier based on Tempro which gives the curtains unique insulation properties far greater than standard types, and resultant energy reductions. Floor ice and its associated hazards are reduced.

Cold Stop curtains are available in standard widths of 300mm and bespoke heights with deep, clear windows. They are quickly and easily installed.

Cold Stop curtains are energy efficient and provide reduced wear on evaporator equipment allowing optimum settings to quickly achieve an internal working temperature.

Although proved with sensitive thermal imaging equipment it is hard to believe the outside temperature of Cold Stop curtains in a freezer can register at 10°C and the inside surface recorded at –21°C . . . that’s a 31°C difference.