Case Study Millbrook Foods

An Irish food transport company is helping to maximise space and temperature control in its vehicles with the help of innovators from Seymour Manufacturing International (SMI).

Frozen, chilled and ambient food distributor Millbrook Foods Limited, based at County Meath, near Dublin, is the latest company to add Bus-Stop systems into its fleet.

Spokesman Niall Lynch said: “I came across the products at the CV Show in Birmingham last year, and was very impressed by what I saw. I felt Bus-Stop would suit our application very well, so I got in touch.

“The biggest advantage we find is that Bus-Stop allows us to gain access from the freezer to the chill end of a vehicle, which is not really possible with other solid split doors. It also creates more space in the truck as well.”

Bus-Stop is part of SMI’s Back-Stop family of insulated flexible barriers, which are designed to reduce energy loss from the back of a chilled or frozen vehicle.

The door curtain system, using SMI’s celebrated Tempro thermal insulation invention, conserves significant amounts of energy by retaining chill.

Bus-Stop has four movable insulated curtains, fitted on a sliding header bar mounted below the truck ceiling, allowing it to be moved from the back, to the front of the truck as required.

The header bar is locked in position by a spring-loaded bolt, and the curtains held in place by magnets.

Brian Seymour, chairman and managing director of SMI, said: “When a vehicle’s back doors are open, Back-Stop’s Tempro curtains retain 100% of the air which has been expensively chilled or frozen.

“Even when a driver is carrying out a delivery, only 25% of the door needs to be opened, saving significant amounts of energy and money.

“With the Bus-Stop variation, the curtains can be manually moved to any position along the length of the vehicle’s interior, maximising space and flexibility.

“It is a breakthrough in cost and energy savings for the food and temperature-sensitive delivery sectors, which is truly revolutionising the way we can think about moving chilled and frozen goods.”

Dave Perry, SMI’s divisional sales manager, added: “The SMI Back-Stop family of flexible, moveable, lightweight bulkhead dividers is really gaining momentum and credibility in the refrigerated logistics marketplace.

“As Millbrook Foods and many other customers are finding, it not only does the job of a conventional bulkhead divider, but it gives the customer greater load capability, versatility, and manoeuvrability for each vehicle.”