Compact Chilled Storage Unit

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A unique Compact Chilled Storage Unit, with multiple selection levels and entry points for the perfect and easy selection of foodstuffs and drinks. The CCSU can be transported by a pick-up or similar small vehicle and assembled in approximately 40 minutes. ... Read More

Technical Specification

The CCSU can be transported by a pick-up or similar small vehicle and assembled in approximately 40 minutes. It is chilled with a specially designed evaporator that is built into a wheeled base and can be reduced in size for transport purposes but raises itself into its operating position prior to use. The fast draw down evaporator only requires a 13 amp single phase supply or generator.

The frame is made from SMI's Track-Rack shelving, which offers up to eleven height positions for maximum flexibility and only eight entry points to minimise any air loss by only allowing entry where foodstuffs or other products are stored. The CCSU is modular and compact allowing it to be assembled in low and inaccessible areas. Conveyed in a lift to higher floors and where there is restricted entry to rooms.

The unit is modular and may be added to in further equal increments it may also have its multi-selection front face fitted to the rear to double retail use of a CCSU. Every part may be repaired, replaced or recycled.

  • Multi-selection of products through 8 parallel entry points.
  • Inexpensive to buy and operate.
  • Fast assembly on difficult sites (compact but spacious).
  • Fast chill draw down. 2°C in 15 minutes depending upon ambient.
  • 13 amp single phase supply evaporator on wheels or generator powered.
  • Easy delivery on a pick-up, van or light aircraft.
  • Full air circulation via unique vorticular friendly Track-Rack shelving.
  • Unique Tempro for maximum insulation.
  • For outside use a sun/water cover is recommended.

External material is Charcoal 300D FR PV. Inner material White 210D Nylon PVC. Insulation grade is TF25 Standard Tempro with an intrinsic thermal resistance of 0.66m2K/W. Tempro is Fire Retardant to BS 5867: Pt 2 1980.

Typical Uses

  • Bakeries
  • Patisseries
  • Hotels
  • Catering off site
  • Exhibitions
  • Medical Products
  • Town Centre Stores
  • Relief Organisations
  • Vaccines
  • Wine Merchants
  • Festivals
  • Supermarkets


Thermal Information

Below is a table showing the results attained by Campden BRI during testing:

Figures may be improved when Tempro is matched with different face or lining materials or if a heavier Tempro core specification is demanded. 

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