Five Big Reasons to Choose Tempro!

Tempro is SMI’s quantum leap in energy-efficient thermal protection. Imitators have long tried, but consistently failed to match its exceptional thermal properties.

It’s a lightweight solution for a many industries, including food retail and processing, plus pharmaceuticals, agriculture, logistics, the Ministry of Defence and NHS . . . and was even take to Antarctica by explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes to insulate his crew’s sub-zero living quarters.

Accept no imitations – here are five top reasons why Tempro simply cannot be beaten:

  1. Tempro has been scientifically proven to cut energy loss by at least 25% in chillers, and an amazing 33% in freezers.

  2. It remains unchallenged as the world’s thinnest and most thermally efficient material of its kind.

  3. The incredible thermal properties have been validated by both the Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association and the Building Research Establishment.

  4. Tempro acts as a barrier material, reducing convection and preventing warm air from mixing freely with cold air by creating energy-efficient insulating gaps.

  5. Its performance never wanes - Tempro’s unique and fire-resistant make-up means it continues to provide outstanding thermal protection for its entire lifetime.

From supermarket coldrooms to food haulage fleets, blood banks, Ministry of Defence and chemical installations, Tempro is providing simple solutions to temperature maintenance problems . . . helping clients to protect the environment, saving money and energy in the process.

Five Big Reasons to Choose Tempro!