SMI supports 'the circus with a purpose'

We are delighted to have been able to give some financial support to Circus Starr – known as ‘the circus with a purpose’ – to support its visit to Telford on Tuesday January 25, at The Anstice, in Madeley.

The organisation helps to bring some joy into the lives of children with additional needs or families in difficult circumstances by laying on a show in which shouting out, dancing and jumping up and down are expected.

At this circus, everyone is absolutely encouraged to let go of their worries, get involved, and be themselves.

Circus Starr’s mission is to transform, enrich and inspire the lives of children and families who need it most across the UK, through the magical art of circus performance.

Their motto is: “Fun matters – being happy and having fun isn’t a privilege, it’s a right for every child at our circus.”

Find out more about the Telford show, and the organisation, here

SMI supports 'the circus with a purpose'