SMI's innovation is shortlisted for another top award

Our celebrated Tempro thermal insulation product, and best-selling Cold Stop curtains, are in the running for the ‘Technological Breakthrough – Innovation of the Year’ prize for cold storage at the 2023 Cold Chain Sustainability Awards.

The awards recognise businesses and individuals who are ‘leading the way towards a more sustainable UK cold storage and temperature controlled transport sector’.

The winners will be announced after the Cold Chain Federation’s climate summit, being held in Warwick on March 15th.

The Technological Breakthrough category is about recognising a specific product or service which has either been introduced to the market or which has made a major breakthrough during the last year to drive demonstrable change in the carbon emissions from cold storage.

The organisers say: “The Technology Breakthrough category recognises a game changing innovation introduced over the last year which will lead to a widespread reduction in carbon emissions across the cold chain.

“The Innovation of the Year – Cold Storage award is for the product or service which will reduce emissions, either directly or from reducing energy demand in temperature-controlled storage.”

SMI's innovation is shortlisted for another top award