Top 5 Reasons To Switch to Cold-Stop Curtains!

Cold-Stop curtains are SMI’s revolutionary, cost-effective alternative to plastic strip curtains, and are used in coldrooms across a wide range of industry sectors.

The NHS Blood and Transplant Service, for example, say: “Not only are these curtains helping us to save energy, they are also far more practical.”

Here are five top reasons why Cold-Stop curtains should be your number one choice:

  1. Field trials indicate that the thermal value of a Cold-Stop curtain is at least 10 times greater than PVC strip types, making them incredibly environmentally-friendly. The life of the curtain is 5-6 times longer, providing substantial capital savings.

  2. The curtains provide minimum energy savings of 25% in chillers or 33% in freezers – meaning it takes only a few months to maximise return on investment

  3. They require very little maintenance: Cold-Stop curtains are soft, user-friendly, easily cleaned, hygienic and simple to repair or replace.

  4. The unique ‘cold lock’ system ensures that curtains fit neatly and effectively to the floor and ceiling, saving costly energy, and the patented header arrangement is a design and efficiency breakthrough.

  5. Curtain windows are enriched with Bio-Gard, SMI’s anti-bacterial innovation proven to kill 99% of all known germs, including MRSA, E.coli,Salmonella, Listeria, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Legionnaire’s Disease, and many more.
Cold Stop curtains are available in standard widths of 300mm and bespoke heights with deep, clear, bio-gard windows. They are quickly and easily installed.
Top 5 Reasons To Switch to Cold-Stop Curtains!