Safe Two Step Trolley

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The Safe Two Step Trolley and its bigger brother the Safe Three Step Trolley have been assuring the safety of thousands of your merchandising staff over twenty five years, loading shelves in supermarkets, libraries, shops of all types, stores and anywhere safety is needed to place stock, products or records easily and safely upon shelves. ... Read More

Technical Specification

The secret is as simple as it is effective – Stand on an SMI Safe Two Step or Three Step Trolley and you are immediately safe. The minute you pull down the steps the wheels are automatically lifted at the step end and your weight anchors the unit to the floor so you can safely stand on the steps. Returning the steps to their wheeling position will allow the unit to glide easily on its four swivel wheels to the next location. No wonder Health and Safety Officers love this effective unit. The Safe Three Step trolley has an additional handrail because it is slightly higher but carries the same maximum safety features as the Two Step Trolley.

  • 100% safety assured by the automatic fulcrum action. 
  • Easy to move and operate. 
  • Usable wrap around load bearing top work surface. 
  • Robust welded aluminium construction with double strength parts. 
  • Non –Slip Safe Steps. 
  • Both standard models are ex-stock but bespoke types can be easily made to individuals specifications. 
  • Inexpensive to buy.
  • All parts may be repaired, replaced or recycled.

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Technical Specification

Both units are made from high quality robust aluminium box section to our own SMI safety design standards and thick non-slip tread plate is used for each step with rolled down tread plate at the front and back of each step.

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