Logistics & Cold Storage

A key message from our customers is a desire to reduce not just their costs, but their carbon footprint too. When customers monitor energy consumption on freezer units where Cold-Stop curtains had been fitted, they’re amazed at what they find. Field trials indicate that the thermal value of a Cold-Stop curtain is at least 10 times greater than PVC strip types, making them incredibly environmentally-friendly. The life of the curtain is 5-6 times longer, providing substantial capital savings.

The curtains can provide energy savings between 25 - 60%, depending on product/environment - so it takes only a few months to maximise return on investment. A growing number of companies are also discovering the benefits of Back-Stop curtains on their delivery vans. Back-Stop is a game-changer for transporting chilled or frozen food - a breakthrough in cost and energy savings for the food and temperature-sensitive delivery sectors.

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