The NHS Blood and Transplant Service says: “Not only are SMI curtains helping us to save energy, they are also far more practical.” Field trials indicate that the thermal value of an SMI Cold-Stop curtain is at least 10 times greater than PVC strip types, making them incredibly environmentally-friendly.

They require very little maintenance: Cold-Stop curtains are soft, user-friendly, easily cleaned, hygienic and simple to repair or replace. And the anti-bacterial properties of Bio-Gard, which is used to enrich the curtains, makes them ideal in areas where health, safety and hygiene is of prime importance.

SMI have also supported with the Cold-Kube, used to store blood packs at the correct temperature. This has been particularly useful during structural changes to their sites. Due to the flexibility and speed of construction, the unit has been moved and used at a number of sites.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, SMI has developed Vaccine Transport Bags and Wallets, whilst also continuing to offer thermal pallet covers to maintain the required temperature of the vaccines.

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