Thermal Testing

Working closely with our customers, SMI can provide thermal testing of products, whether they be SMI’s own products or products currently being used within your business.

SMI is also able to thermally test rooms/doorways to support with providing the correct product(s)/solutions for your requirements.

We have purchased many thousands of pounds’ worth of testing equipment including Flir thermal imaging cameras, which help us to choose with greater accuracy the materials and design to meet the needs of our customers – and prove product performance in a range of temperatures, with much greater accuracy.

Thermal testing has scientifically proven that our products have the ability to cut energy loss by at least 25% in chillers, and an amazing 33% in freezers.

Thermal testing on-site proved that this customer was spending more money on their energy than they needed to.

After installation of SMI’s Cold-Stop Curtains was completed, the customer conducted a follow-up thermal test, alongside monitoring their energy consumption, and proved that significant savings were being made immediately.