Temperature Control Zones (TCZ)

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A modern, inexpensive answer to instant temporary or permanent chilled storage spaces in supermarkets, food companies, warehouses or packing areas, to divide temperatures.... Read More

Technical Specification

Tempro TCZ (Temperature Control Zones) are the modern inexpensive answer to instant temporary or permanent chilled storage spaces in Supermarkets, Food Manufacturers, Warehouses, Packing and Preparation areas and to divide temperatures or working environments. All of which can be operational in minutes and folded away as quickly for the same space to be used for any other purpose.

Installed practically anywhere in hours, a TCZ can be any shape or size, are inexpensive, versatile and can be moved, modified or stored. An evaporator matched to the duty required can be roof mounted or through a nearby wall or division.
An instant Coldroom at times of high demand, during receipt of chilled goods or to separate temperatures.

  • Inexpensive to purchase in a range of outer materials and colours.
  • Thermal curtains containing unique Tempro and hung from SMIÕs specialised track and pelmet system.
  • Two-way pelmet keeps cold in and ambient air out.
    Tempro curtains are lightweight, hard wearing, easily cleaned, repaired and replace.
  • SMI Cold-lock skirt adjusts to uneven floors, maybe removed to clean or replaced.
  • All parts can be repaired, replaced or recycled.
  • Easy to install, move, extend or remove to store.
  • TCZ curtains are economical, using power only when needed.

Standard external material is Blue PU Nylon and White PU Nylon internally.
Insulation grade is TF25 Standard Tempro with an intrinsic thermal resistance of 0.66m2K/W. Tempro is Fire Retardant to BS5867: Pt 2 1980. Manufactured to suit requirements of area.


Typical Uses

  • Supermarket groups
  • Warehouses
  • Coldroom Divisions
  • Dairy Produce
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • MOD
  • Airports
  • Preparation Areas
  • Retarding seed potatoes
  • Delicatessen
  • Grocery Distributers
  • Bakeries
  • Logistics
  • Confectioners
  • Caterers
  • Chemicals

Thermal Information

Figures may be improved when Tempro is matched with different face or lining materials or if a heavier Tempro core specification is demanded.

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