Tempro® Back-Stop™ curtains from Seymour Manufacturing are the first insulated flexible barrier to be designed to reduce energy loss from the back of a chilled or frozen vehicle. Made possible by the acclaimed unique thermal properties of Tempro®, the lightest, thinnest and most effective thermal insulator.

Substantial energy and fuel savings can be achieved when using Back-Stop™ and the flexibility and simple functionality of the system provides easy access during loading and unloading whilst still retaining the required temperature with the vehicle rear doors open.

SMI’s Tempro® Back-Stop™ is an insulated door curtain system based on SMI’s original development for supermarket cold rooms and freezer. Which save 25% in chillers and an amazing 33.3% in freezers.  

“SMI could not have been more helpful, and the installation process could not have gone more smoothly” – Ferndale Foods

What's Included:

Multi Stop - 4 Thermal Panel Curtains, Moveable or Stationary Header System

Thermal Information

Below is a table showing the results attained by Campden BRI during testing:

Figures may be improved when Tempro® is matched with different face or lining materials or if a heavier Tempro® core specification is demanded. Tempro® is Fire Retardant to BS 5867: Pt 2 1980.

Tempro® Technical information and Trial results available.

Tempro® has been shown to save up to 33% on energy bills and significantly reduce your Carbon footprint

Technical Specification

The Back-Stop™ system consists of four movable insulated Tempro® Curtains, two suspended on the front rail and two on the back rail, all fitted on one SMI sliding bar mounted below the truck ceiling. All four Tempro® curtains are fitted with a window made from clear cold safe PVC to allow outside light into the freezer or chiller space when the curtains are closed.

The curtains can be moved by hand to any position on their track as required. The curtains are held in position, open or closed, by a magnet and can be released back into their position by a pull handle

  • Back-Stop™ curtains conserve significant amounts of energy by retaining chill.
  • With vehicle back doors open, at least three quarters of the load is         automatically protected.
  • Driver friendly Back-Stop™ curtains are activated simply by the driver pulling open the curtain.
  • Back-Stop™ curtains can be made to any width or height and are usually in fours. Their unique design allows them to be trimmed to fit. 
  • They are soft and lightweight, easily cleaned, hygienic, flexible and fit well. 
  • The curtains are available either as an option for new goods vehicles, or they can be retrofitted.
  • Back-Stop™ curtains prevent temperature losses from damaged rear doors and seals. 
  • Curtains are fitted with Bio-Gard™ Anti-Bacterial window to allow entry of outside light when the curtains are closed.
  • Every part can be repaired and recycled. Tempro® is fire retardant to BS 5867 Pt 2 1980. 

Typical Users and Uses of Tempro®

Heavy goods vehicles transporting temperature controlled goods to hubs and retail outlets. Door-to-door and high street deliveries. Back-Stop™ systems are available for smaller vehicle.


“The truck fitted with the Back-Stop system recorded a 58% improvement in terms of temperature retention when compared with the vehicle fitted with the original plastic curtain system.” – apetito

“We came across the products at the CV Show last year, and were very impressed. The biggest advantage is that it allows us to gain access from the freezer to the chill end of a vehicle, which is not really possible with other solid split doors. It also creates more space.”– Millbrook Foods Limited

“This product has the potential to revolutionise the way in which companies such as ours operate. It is light years ahead of any similar products on the market right now.” – Ruskim Seafoods Limited

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